Month: June 2021

Pregnancy and Oral Health

pregnancy and oral health

Whether it’s your first or your third, pregnancy is always an exciting time. The pending arrival of a little one is a time of both joy and frustration, but above all, it is busy, sometimes overwhelmingly so! With so much going on and so many things demanding your attention, it’s really easy to let some… Read more »

Top Questions to Ask Your Dentist

dental questions

A good dentist-patient relationship is founded in part on trust and communication. And while many patients are good at listening to what their dentist tells them, there are many who also don’t feel as empowered to ask questions proactively. In reality, asking questions of your dentist is important in both keeping you informed and in… Read more »

The Connection Between Oral Health and Diabetes

diabetes and oral health

Diabetes, a prevalent and intricate condition in the United States, affects approximately one in ten Americans, with one in three on the path to prediabetes, as highlighted by the CDC. The escalating prevalence underscores the need to comprehend the multifaceted impact of diabetes on overall health, notably oral health. Medical professionals stress that diabetes intricately… Read more »