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What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

national gum disease awareness

In recognition of National Gum Disease Awareness Month in February, we’re actively raising awareness about this prevalent health concern. A staggering two-thirds of Americans encounter gum disease at some stage in their lives, marking it as a widespread health issue. Despite its prevalence, gum disease is frequently misconstrued. Gaining a better understanding of the symptoms… Read more »

Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Important

professional teeth whitening

Your smile is important–that goes without saying. It’s a key part of your first impression and serves in many ways as your “hello” to the world around you. Smiling transcends language and speaks directly to the heart. And while your smile is meant to last a lifetime, wear and tear can dull its shine. This… Read more »

What is Considered Preventive Dental Care?

brushing teeth

In terms of preserving your oral health and ensuring that your smile lasts a lifetime, preventative dentistry may be the most important branch of dental care. In essence, preventative dentistry refers to all the care you give your teeth to keep them healthy. This covers a wide variety of activities and routines, but they all… Read more »

Dental Hygiene and the Holidays

dental hygiene and the holidays

After a long year, many of us are looking forward to the festive season. This is a magical time, with so many different holidays and celebrations spanning December and into January. With all the fun events going on and so much joy in the air, it’s easy to let ‘real-life’ slip away for a while.… Read more »

How Should You Care for Dental Veneers?

care for dental veneers

In a perfect world, our teeth would last a lifetime, providing us with decades of brilliant happy smiles. However, given the imperfect world in which we find ourselves teeth often suffer from various forms of damage. They may be chipped or stained, or may be naturally misshapen, or may have unwanted spaces between them. While… Read more »

Impacted Wisdom Tooth and Symptoms

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Often depicted as a right of passage into adulthood, wisdom teeth are typically the last adult teeth to emerge. While many people go through this process with only minor discomfort, it’s important to recognize the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth, as they can be a cause for concern. Impacted teeth, including impacted wisdom teeth, can… Read more »

Dental Caries and How They Affect Your Health

dental caries

Dental caries is the more formal term for dental cavities. We’ve all been warned about cavities since childhood as part of our oral health education–it’s how we traditionally teach children about the importance of brushing and flossing and overall dental hygiene. However, as an adult you may have a few remaining questions, like what are… Read more »

Prevent Teeth Stain

teeth stain

A brilliantly white smile is one of life’s great joys–it lights up your face and the whole room around you. And while you likely do your best to take care of your teeth with a regular regime of brushing and flossing combined with visits to the dentist for an exam and cleaning, the fact is… Read more »