Initial Oral Examination/Hygiene Appointments

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Your initial oral examination and hygiene appointment at Plage Dentistry in Wilmington, NC, is more than just a routine checkup—it’s our opportunity to personalize your dental care journey. We prioritize understanding your unique oral health needs to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout your visit.

During this comprehensive appointment, our skilled team will conduct a visual examination, oral hygiene cleaning, charting, and periodontal probing. These meticulous steps allow us to assess your current oral health status accurately and develop tailored solutions for improvement and maintenance.

In addition to these essential steps, we utilize advanced technology such as x-rays, including panoramic x-rays for a thorough diagnosis of anterior and posterior teeth, and bite-wing x-ray series for proximal decay detection in posterior teeth. These diagnostic tools empower us to provide precise recommendations for treatment and preventive care.

At Plage Dentistry, our commitment extends beyond the initial appointment—we strive to establish long-term oral health partnerships with our patients, ensuring proactive care and timely interventions when needed. Schedule your hygiene appointment today to experience personalized dental care in Wilmington, NC, that prioritizes your well-being and smile satisfaction.