Professional Teeth Whitening: A Q&A

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is, in many ways, your calling card—it’s the first impression you make to many of the folks you’ll meet. A bright healthy smile sends a message about you and reflects your personality and outlook. While it’s perfectly natural for teeth to become discolored or dull over time due to wear and tear, teeth whitening can address these issues, boosting your appearance and increase confidence. While at-home teeth whitening options do exist, professional teeth whitening done at your dentist office does offer some real advantages:

  • It’s faster—many times you’ll be able to see results that day!
  • It’s safer—you’ll be under the care of professionals who can oversee all aspects of your oral health and safety during the procedure.
  • It’s easier on the teeth and gums—sensitivity is an issue for some folks during teeth whitening and professional care can address and mitigate that.

Questions (And Answers!)

With those advantages in mind, let’s address some of the most common questions potential patients have regarding teeth whitening:

  • How well does teeth whitening done by the dentist work?

Quite well, depending on the circumstances. Some stains do not respond well to teeth whitening treatments—for instance, brownish or greyish stains. Likewise, treatments may not work as well on worn or pitted teeth, on fillings and bonds, or on dental implants or such as crowns or bridges.

  • Is teeth whitening safe?

When performed by a qualified professional on a healthy patient, teeth whitening is a relatively safe procedure. Your dentist might not recommend teeth whitening if you have badly damaged or especially sensitive teeth or gums—some of the bleaching treatments can make those issues worse if used incorrectly.

  • Are teeth whitening treatments causing long-term side effects?

Again, teeth whitening is, in general, a safe procedure. However many of the whitening treatments used can cause increased tooth and gum sensitivity in some patients. This doesn’t happen to everybody and may not last, but it is one possible side effect of teeth whitening. Your dentist will walk you through the treatment they recommend and how it works, including any potential side effects, before the procedure.

  • Do I need to see a cosmetic dentist or can I go to my regular provider?

The answer to this one is “it depends”. While cosmetic dentists—oral health care providers who specialize in cosmetic procedures—do exist, some general dentist offices do offer teeth whitening as an option. If you’re interested in teeth whitening, the best thing to do is ask your usual dentist about it.

Plage Dentistry Has You Covered

At Plage Dentistry, we do offer teeth whitening among many other general and cosmetic dentistry services. Our friendly staff brings their education and experience to bear in providing the best possible care for our patients no matter what their needs are. Your oral health is key to your overall well-being and happiness, so reach out today and make an appointment. We’ll help you take the next steps in improving and maintaining your oral health.