Cancellation Policy

Our goal at Plage Dentistry is to provide you with convenient, accessible, high quality dental care.

In order for us to assure convenience and accessibility to all of our patients, it is important that patients arrive for all scheduled appointments or cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance.

This policy allows us to make better use of our available appointments for those patients in need of dental care.

Cancellation of an Appointment

You may cancel your scheduled appointment by calling or texting our office during regular business hours at 910-762-4155.

Missed Appointment Policy

A “missed appointment” is an occurrence where someone does not show up for an appointment and does not cancel the appointment in advance of the scheduled date and time. If you do not show up for your appointment and you do not cancel the appointment 24 hours or more in advance, we will record this in your records as a “missed appointment”. Each time you miss your appointment, you will be asked to re-schedule.

Fees for Missed Appointments

Financial Agreement effective January 1, 2021, Plage Dentistry will begin to charge patients when they do not present for scheduled appointments. Failure to cancel or re-schedule the appointment 24 hours or more of the scheduled appointment time will result in a fee for a missed appointment. This fee will not be submitted to the dental plan; it will be charged to the patient.

We understand that flexibility is important and patients will be allowed one “free” missed appointment charge with the hygienist. There will not be any “free” missed appointments for services with Dr. Plage.

Hygiene appointment: The missed appointment fee structure is $50 for a hygiene visit.

Appointment with Dr. Plage: The missed appointment fee structure is $100 for all appointments scheduled with Dr. Plage. The higher fee structure reflects the value of the larger block of time reserved for our patient.

*I understand that I will be billed for the applicable fee. I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above policy statement regarding the fees for missed appointments. Please note: Repeated “missed appointments” may result in discharge from the practice.