5 Questions About Dental Implants to Ask Dentists in Wilmington, NC

dentists in Wilmington, NC

120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth.

If you are among them, you understand how missing teeth can affect your smile and your self-confidence.

Dental implants are a great option to restore your smile with natural-looking teeth. But you should be prepared and ask the right questions before starting any dental treatment.

Keep reading for the top 5 questions you should ask dentists in Wilmington, NC if you are considering dental implants. 

1. Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you’re interested in getting dental implants, one of the first questions about dental implants that you should ask dentists in Wilmington, NC is whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

The reality is that not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. When you are missing a tooth, you will likely experience bone loss in your jaw. Getting a dental implant requires adequate bone for the implant post to bond with your own bone.

If you don’t have enough bone, you may want to ask about a bone graft or alternate procedures. 

2. What Type of Implant Would You Recommend?

There are several different types of dental implants and the right choice for you will depend on your needs and your budget.

If you are only missing a single tooth, you will benefit the most from a single dental implant. If you are missing several teeth in a row, an implanted bridge can save you money and fill in your missing teeth. If you are missing most of your teeth, you may choose to go with implanted dentures.

Talk to your dentist about your options and which type of implant they recommend. 

3. How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

This is an important question to ask before scheduling any procedures. Ask for a breakdown of the costs in writing and read carefully. Also, be sure to read any terms and conditions before you start treatment. 

4. Is the Dental Implant Procedure Painful?

Many people avoid the dentist because of anxiety and the potential for pain. This just leads to more problems in the long run.

Be honest with your dentist about your concerns. They will help alleviate your anxieties and explain how they will keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. 

5. What Should I Expect as Far as Dental Implant Aftercare?

Dental implants are an investment and it’s important to take good care of them to get the most dental implant benefits.

Your dentist will provide aftercare instructions but it’s important to practice good overall oral hygiene. You should also be sure to schedule regular checkups and cleanings. 


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